Newsletter Autumn 2015

Till death us do part

The unexpected death of a colleague always makes one pause for thought. If you have delayed thinking about how such an event would affect your business, perhaps now would be a good time.

Key-man insurance can provide financial support to a business on the death or incapacity of the main fee earner, but other practical matters need to be considered. For instance: Who would take control of the bank accounts and access the passwords to operate your computer systems? If your business provides a personal service to your customers, who would be available to step in and cover the essential service you provide? Have you appointed an 'alternate' for your business responsibilities and does your spouse or partner know who that is?

Your family's finances will be eased if you have made suitable provision for them in your Will. Is that Will up to date, and do the executors know where to find a copy?

If you are not married to your partner, consider the benefits and tax reliefs which will be denied to your partner on your death, including: