Newsletter Autumn 2019

Check your tax statement

Where individuals don’t submit an annual tax return, HMRC reconciles the tax which has been deducted from their pay or pension under PAYE with the total tax which should have been paid for the year. This reconciliation for the tax year 2018/19 takes place between June and November 2019.

Where there is a discrepancy (under or over), HMRC will issue a tax computation on a form P800, or it may issue a form PA302, which will ask for tax to be paid.

If you receive either type of tax statement, check the figures against other statements you have received from your employer or pension provider, such as forms P60, P45 or an expenses and benefits declaration. You should check whether something has been counted twice or is missing.

Where your tax computation includes bank interest or dividends received, check these figures agree with the savings income paid into your bank accounts between 6 April 2018 and 5 April 2019. It is not uncommon for the amount of interest to be estimated based on a previous year.

Finally, check that all the allowances you have claimed are included in the tax computation. There has been a recurring problem with the transferable marriage allowance going missing when it has been claimed.

We can help you check the figures on your tax computation.