Who do we work for?

Bayar Hughes & Co undertakes work for a vast variety of clients, ranging from sole traders with annual turnovers of £5k to limited companies with multi million pound turnovers, from a wide variety of business sectors. As a consequence we have a vast level of experience in varied fields.

At Bayar Hughes & Co our main objective is to make a real difference to our clients by:

* Providing them with high quality but cost effective solutions and support for their businesses;

* Assisting them in the development and implementation of their business ideas; and

* Allowing their businesses to prosper without the stresses of dealing with the many compliance issues facing businesses of all sizes.

The key to our success has been our ability to achieve this without overloading our clients with costs, and in a friendly and caring family atmosphere.

With many of our client based around the construction Industry we feel that we a particularly well placed to support businesses within this field. The Construction Industry Scheme's have been tampered with by the H M Revenue & Customs on more than one occasion within the last few years. The imposition of the latest scheme from April 2008, in particular brings with it great administrative and compliance issues. Contact us now to ensure that you know the rules as non compliance will be extremely expensive!!!

What our clients say about us: