Business Management Consultancy

Many accountants don't spend the time with their clients discussing the contents and meaning of the figures within their accounts. At Bayar Hughes & Co we feel that every set of accounts can provide a vital story in the success or failure of a business.

Bayar Hughes & Co have often found, that through its general Business Management Consultancy service, careful review of accounts with their clients has solved existing problems and avoided potential minefields for their clients, before they have had an adverse effect on their business.

For example, having prepared the accounts for a client company, we noted several areas of concern. Despite the client being pleased with their increased turnover it was apparent from the accounts review that the company was heading towards major cash flow problems.

We then:

* Discussed the issues with the Managing Director.

* Organised a meeting with the company's key players.

* Instigated an exchange of questions to run between those involved and;

* Formulated an action plan to correct the situation.

Since implementation of this plan, the company has grown from strength to strength, avoided the potential cash flow issues and increased their profitability.