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Summertime Blues

Since the introduction of self-assessment in 1996/97, accountants have grown used to the 31 January deadline for tax returns - chasing up the last few clients, burning the midnight oil to complete the forms, struggling through the snow to deliver them...

One of the big surprises in the March Budget was a proposal to bring the filing deadline forward to 30 November in 2008. There had been no consultation about this, and it was announced as something that "will happen", rather than something that might happen.

Most people who file a lot of returns for clients are not happy about this - the work will have to be finished two months earlier, but it still has to be started no earlier than 6 April. More people will have to do more overtime in the shorter working season, and then they will not have enough to do at other times. That will push costs up. It's also likely that far more returns will have to go in with estimates on, which will lead to even more work finalising the figures later.

So, in future, tax accountants may be very good at skiing but never get a suntan. If you are one of those people who finds it hard enough to get the information ready for 31 January, please write to your MP!