Self Assessment, Personal & Corporation Tax

Even though tax rates have been said to have been reduced over the last few years, corporation tax and income tax, can still represent a significant proportion of your trading profits. Add to this the increase in stealth taxes, the new penalty regimes for non-compliance and more rigorous investigations, many businesses are starting to notice how much time and effort they spend working for HM Revenue & Customs.

Bayar Hughes & Co can assist in reducing your personal and corporation tax liabilities and the administrative burden of complying with legislation by:

* Analysing your current business structure with a view to making it more tax-effective.

* Assisting with the preparation of the self assessment tax return

* Ensuring compliance with self assessment regulations

* Reviewing the treatment of expenditure between capital and revenue

* Maximising tax opportunities and reliefs.

* Considering the interaction with other taxes and reliefs on capital disposals.

* Considering any industry-specific tax opportunities

* All personal and corporation tax return are electronically submitted to HM Revenue & Customs,    insuring fast and efficient processing